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SD Biotechnologies,with the experts at the R&D Laboratory,
is becoming a world class research institute focusing on reliability
and scientific evidence to develop innovative materials.
Bird's nest has been the most promising research material,
resulting in the first mask of its kind in the nation.
This best-selling mask helps fulfill our mission of spreading K-BEAUTY across the world
with a mask sold every second.

Developed the world's first skin anti-aging evaluation system

Through our experience and expertise, SD Biotechnologies has developed the world's first technology for evaluating skin anti-aging properties (based on NFAT mechanism regulation), and with this technology, we discovered beneficial materials against skin aging for use in reliable products for our customers.

Developed the nation's first
technology using gold nanoparticles to improve skin absorption

SD BIOTECHNOLOGIES focuses on the development of raw materials that use nanoparticle-biological material conjugation in order to target the global market.
SD BIOTECHNOLOGIES' innovative technology, as the first of its kind in the nation, allows for synthesis of materials with greater skin absorption and effectiveness by combining gold nanoparticle with natural materials.

Independently developed SNP-P01,
a natural preservative harmless to the human body

SNP-P01, developed through our efforts to find natural alternatives to harmful chemical preservatives, has strong antibacterial properties and is harmless to the human body.
Through the invention of SNP-P01, we strive to provide safe products without chemical preservatives.

Developed a technology
to ferment lactic acid bacteria that protects skin from harmful environments

By developing harmless microzymes and fermentation-based beauty products, SD Biotechnologies provides tailored solutions for the modern person with skin sensitive to the environment.
The products using our unique fermentation technology are both safe and effective, helping to make each person's skin beautiful.

Built a database through analysis of urban women's lifestyle

SD Biotechnologies provides the best solution to woman whose skin is exhausted by environmental pollutants using our growing database and trend analysis on urban women's lifestyle.