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Innovative Research Technology

Skin anti-aging evaluation technology

Through our extensive research and expertise, SD Biotechnologies has developed the world's first system, based on NFAT pathway regulation, for evaluating the skin anti-aging properties of a material and has subsequently discovered new materials that lessen the effects of aging.
SD Biotechnologies uses this unique evaluation technology
to provide our customers with highly reliable products.

Beauty instruments development technology

SD BIOTECHNOLOGIES's 3D NEGATIVE PRESSURE COMPOSITE STIMULATOR regenerates skin function using composite stimuli(negative pressure stimulation, electrical stimulation, photic stimulation) and helps urban women heal and rejuvenate their exhausted skin.
Independently developed by SD Bitechnologies, this stimulator is internationally recognized as applying the best technology and has received many patents worldwide.

Nanoparticle-biological material conjugation technology

SD Biotechnology possesses the nation's first technology for combining gold nanoparticles and natural materials in order to improve skin absorption and efficacy.
We have been focusing on the development of innovative new products based on this conjugation technology with the long-term goal of expanding beyond the cosmetics market.

Natural Ingredients Application
Development Technology

Fermentation Ingredients Development Technology

Using traditional fermentation knowledge,
SD Biotechnologies is focusing on the development of new materials using beneficial microorganisms and enzymes.
We have developed Ginsenoside F2 using a useful strain separated from yeast and have verified its efficacy as a hair loss and atopy treatment.
Our unique fermentation technology enables us to develop safe and effective products using various natural ingredients.

Natural Preservative Development Technology

The unfortunate reality is that cosmetics manufacturers currently need to use preservatives to prevent product deterioration and contamination.
SD Biotechnologies is focusing on developing natural alternatives to harmful artificial preservatives,
and through the use of SNP-P01, a natural product based on our own development technology, we are working to prodive our customers with safe and reliable products without artificial preservatives.

Bird Nest Application
Product Leading Technology

Swallow's nest, used by the Empress Dowager of China to maintain her beauty and youth, is recognized in China as an ingredient promoting health and beauty.
SD Biotechnologies is the first company in the nation to apply storm petrel nests as an ingredient to a face mask and has demonstrated its efficacy worldwide. We continue to conduct extensive reseach on this ingredient to become the world's best in this category.

Functional Materials
Development Technology

Hair Loss

Following the expansion of recognized functional cosmetics categories in July 2017, SD Biotechnologies has focused on developing a treatment for hair loss prevention. SNP-H01, currently in development, is a novel composite combining gold nanoparticles and natural materials that overcomes the challenges faced by existing hair loss prevention products, such as usage limitations, side effects, and reduced long-term effectiveness.


SNP-A07 (a material that moisturizes skin and relieves dryness caused by atopy), as a natural material with no side effects, is superior to existing treatments for atopy. We have discovered that SNP-A07 regulates the NFAT pathway and is multifunctional as a new cosmetics ingredient, effective at moisturing and reducing the thick wrinkles of atopic skin.

Wrinkle Treatment

SD Biotechnologies continues to use our high technical expertise to conduct R&D on various oriental medicine fermentation materials and naturally functional materials to find remedies to wrinkle formation and aging. We strive to elevate our customers' value by developing the most reliable products based on unique materials and our advanced technology.